What is Beerpay?

It is a platform that allows developers to monetize their open source projects on GitHub. People can request new features or fixes by making a wish - a paid request to the project owner -. Other people can support this wish by adding extra money, making it more appealing for the project owner. Once the owner finishes the task, he gets his money.

Does beerpay support PayPal?

No. At Hashdog LLC., we have chosen Stripe as our only payment gateway, and we are very happy with that decision. HashDog has suffered PayPal in bureaucracy and lack of support, while Stripe made our lives a lot easier, from both the engineering point of view and the support provided by Stripe.

How do Wishes work?

  1. A Wish is a request for new features or fixes to the project owner.
  2. Any user can create one or multiple wishes on other users’ projects.
  3. Other users can support this request (wish) with money (wish supports) to make the wish more appealing to the project owner.
  4. The project owner can accept the wish and start working on it, or decline it and leave a comment with the reason for the rejection.
    • If the wish is declined, the money is reimbursed to the supporters.
    • If the wish is accepted, the owner of the project has up to 60 days to finish the work. After this time, if the project owner don't finish his work, the money is reimbursed to the supporters.
  5. Once the owner finishes working on the wish, he changes its status to “finish” from his/her dashboard, and can attach the SHA of the commit (Commit SHA) for the project on GitHub.
  6. The author of the wish and all the supporters are notified of this status change.
  7. The author of the wish may approve or reject the work done by the project owner.
    1. In case of rejection, the project owner has 60 more days to finish the job (the wish returns to a Work In Progress status.)
    2. In case the work correct, the author of the wish can/should review the work on GitHub before approving it.
  8. Once the wish is approved, the money is credited to the account of the project owner.
  9. The wish is granted! (and closed).

How do supports work?

  1. A Support is a payment to the project owner to motivate their work and support it.

What do I need to start?

You only need an active email address (obviously, right?), and a GitHub account.

How do I connect with GitHub?

Simple, click on the "SIGN IN / SIGN UP" button, or in the link "Sign in with GitHub". This will take you to GitHub's page, so you can give permission.

How do I connect with Stripe?

Simple, from Settings, click on the "Connect with Stripe" button. This will take you to Stripe's page, so you can give permission.

I dont' have a Stripe account yet. Can I support projects and give money anyway?

Yes. A Beerpay account is not necessary in order to give money. You can browse all the projects and support it wihtout problems. All payments made in this way will appear as "Anonymous Payments" for the projects owner.

I don't have a Stripe account yet. Can I earn money anyway?

Yes. You can create your account and import your projects from GitHub without problems. Beerpay can store your money (from Wishes or Supports) up to 90 days. After this period, we will refund each payment to their respective wishers and supporters. If you connect your Stripe account before this 90 days, your payments will be delivered.

Why does beerpay need read/write permission to my repositories?

We use the write permission to allow our users to add the Beerpay badge in their README files with a simple click. Also, this is a limitation that GitHub is presenting to us. We are using these scopes: [ 'user:email', 'read:org', 'public_repo’ ] to get the repos and other activity. At the moment, the 'public_repo' gives read/write permissions, and there doesn’t seem to be a way for it to give read-only access. Here is a link to the scopes on Github, in case you’d like to know more about the issue:
We are working to figure out a way around it to give our app read-only access. If you have a suggestion in mind, we would love to hear it!

How can I make money with my Projects?

You only have to import your projects from your GitHub account. This will allow you to receive Wishes or Supports from other users. We also offer a badge generator so you can add it to your README files and get more attention.

How can I add a new Project?

In your dashboard you will find a "+ Add Project" button. It will allow you to import projects from your GitHub account or from the organizations you belong to and of which you have admin permissions.

Can I use multiple payments mode?

Yes, currently payments can be made through Stripe using US Dollars or Bitcoins.

How do I change my settings and profile picture?

Once your session is initiated, you have to click on your username (on the top bar). A menu will unfold, and on it, you will see the Settings section.

How do I contact someone from beerpay?

If you have any ideas, suggestions or just want to support us, you can create a Wish or Support request at Beerpay on Beerpay.
If you need to contact us for any reason, report a bug or issues, you can leave us issues at Beerpay on GitHub.
You can send us an email to and a real human will attend your concerns as fast as he/she can.

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