Time to say goodbye!

Goodbye my friend

We are very proud to announce that our commitment to the open-source community has been fulfilled. Beerpay.io helped thousands of developers all over the world to support the open-source community effort. It has been great!

Now is time to pass the torch.
Github released Sponsors that allows the developer community to get financial support.

The Beerpay.io team thinks that the best way to continue to bring value to the open-source community is to work together.
So we are proud to announce that Beerpay.io will stop providing services and will encourage the use of Github's newest tool.

Thank you for trusting Beerpay.io all these years, and long-live open source community.

The beerpay team continues helping the open-source here.
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Goodbye my friend


As in 04/03/2020 Beerpay.io sign up for new accounts will be disabled, and we'll help existing users to transition out in the simplest way possible.
Contact us to [email protected] if you have unfinished "wishes," questions or comments about our site. We will check the information and solve any issue you have.
GitHub launched Sponsors, a new tool that lets you get and give financial support to open-source developers through recurring monthly payments.

We’ve updated our Privacy Statement to support new EU data protection laws.
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