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The way to support your Open Source projects in GitHub.

What is Beerpay

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Start getting support in your projects!

We know that open source it's free but that doesn't mean it has no cost.
We want to change that.

Google Chrome Extension

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Enjoy Beerpay without leaving GitHub

With our open source Google Chrome Extension, you can support Projects and make Wishes while you are browsing through GitHub repos.

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Some projects deserve to be motivated

Why use Beerpay


Get Stripe account and Beerpay will do the rest.

Free like the Sun

Beerpay is a free service for any developer who wants to be free.



You can send money with Stripe or anonymous Stripe to any project.


With your Wishes, make a Project grow!


Support a project and motivate to continue development!


Also send Support with Bitcoin!

Cheers for our Freedom!

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Contact us in any way you want! It will be pleasure.

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We are very proud to announce that our commitment to the open-source community has been fulfilled.
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